Text and image

Multiple stand alone works based on text and image.


When it’s not funny anymore.

Erased pencil on paper, 2020, 65×50 cm


My worst enemies when it comes to getting work done.

Home Installation, 2020 (The barrier tape is made from receipt paper with acrylic paint and markers)

I’m not allowed to play video games

I can really lose myself and my sense of time while playing video games. Everytime I felt like gaming during ‘work hours’ I started writing. In the end it didn’t help at all since I still had spend too much time playing video games instead of working.

Ink on paper, 27,5 M x 10,1 CM, 2020

A bunch of ugly and insecure paintings.

Acrylic paint and acrylic marker on canvas put in front of a mirror, 2020, 60×80 cm

Temporary art