My name is Desiree Uuldriks and I am a Groningen-based visual artist. I was born on the 19th of July 1995 in Hoogezand, the Netherlands. Art has been a big interest for me my entire life. This led me to study Art & Design on the Noorderpoort College Kunst & Multimedia in Groningen, the Netherlands. I graduated as a designer in the year 2017.

I was accepted at Academy Minerva in Groningen, the Netherlands for the study of Fine arts and started my study shortly after my graduation as a designer. I am currently in my final year of this study and will be taking my exam in the coming weeks.

My work starts on the internet. By scrolling through humorous texts and memes on the world Wide Web, I encountered connections between internet culture and the artworld.

By quoting, recreating or using the same kind of humor from this popular phenomenon, I unfold the entanglement between the internet culture and the artworld. My artistic research results often in absurd, almost surreal and humorous images that fit in both the artworld and internet culture.

Most memes are very humorous, which is why humor plays an important role in my work. Within my artistic research I use humor as a tool to understand, reflect and contextualize different subjects; from popular topics till meaningless images. As a multidisciplinary artist, I love to learn about new materials and techniques, although I have developed a preference for photography and digital collages. For my new body of work ‘Duule’ I published a book which will be shown in an installation.

For me the art world and modern-day society have strayed too far away from each other. By making memetic images, or maybe modern day ‘pop culture’ art, I hope to reach more people outside of the artworld.

If you have questions feel free to contact me through the contact page.